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Grow with Me Academy

An Educational Resource

Grow with Me Academy's mission is to build a future of responsible, connected, and healthy mind, body, and souls, for each other and our planet by providing enriching educational content and resources.

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Our content encourages everyone and all ages to learn and grow together. We are sowing the seeds today for a fruitful future, where we can be internally rich, with love, joy, respect, and humility.

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What is Responsible & Regenerative Farming?


The Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen

Learn to identify fruits and vegetables that have an unhealthy amount of pesticide residue on them, choose the organic and healthier options. Safer for you and the environment.


Why is Organic Special?

Explore the humane principles of what organic farming is all about, and learn what it is not. Knowledge and education about what we put in our bodies is so important!



Giving Back to Our Planet

Backyard Chickens

Did you know chickens can fertilize your garden and be fun yard animals with their own personalities? They also LOVE table scraps!


A great way to put nutrients and balance back into the soil and be part of a responsible waste movement.

Backyard chickens!

Balanced Nutrition

Healthy Mind & Body Educational Workbook


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Healthy fruit and vegetable nutrition for kids

What is this book about?

Balanced Nutrition: Mind & Body Educational Workbook Teens & Young Adults is an excellent, engaging, interactive, dynamic and creative resource to encourage self-discovery and learning: studies prove higher retention when you participate, the core practice of this workbook is through participation!

  • Fruit & Vegetable Guide, Mindfulness Eating, Alkaline Food Awareness
  • Dietary Meal Planning, Healthy Recipes, Home Economic Skills
  • Writing & Reflection, Inquiry & Research, Fun Learning & Discovery
  • Clean Produce Guidelines, Food On The Go, Kitchen & Business Math
  • Food & Mood Awareness, Guide to Superfoods, Antioxidants & Vitamins
  • Critical Thinking, Creative Expression, Cursive Handwriting Sections
  • Peels & Composting, Organic & Regenerative Farming Concepts
  • Power of Water and Positive Affirmations
  • Self-confidence, an increase self-esteem and control through awareness
  • How food effects your mind and body through mood and energy
  • Healthy food choices and techniques that can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Learn to make bread, smoothies, parfait, granola, yogurt, popsicles, pudding...
  • Entrepreneurial business and math skills through situational, real world scenarios.
  • Lifelong learning skills, critical thinking, research, and inquiry techniques in real world situations
  • Customize meal planning for specific dietary needs
  • Mindful awareness of yourself and exploration of breathing techniques

Bite into the 302 pages of this book and enjoy a wholesome journey of mind and body. Invest in yourself!

E BOOK- coming soon

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Encourage Creativity

Mind, Body, & Soul

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Farm fresh veggies!

Growing Internally & Externally

Great Food & Great Mind

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Fun & Joyful Learning

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Grow with Me Academy

Sowing Seeds For A Beautiful Future

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